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She is.

voice recording, if you prefer.  She is water, flowing calmly - lightly. Just completely embodying you, without wound. Nourishing all ...
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5 easy things you can do TODAY to improve your health

I've been on a journey with my health my entire life. Beginning with asthma to digestive issues, vaccine injury, mold ...
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Vegan Butter Pecan Ice Cream – 3 ingredients

When I switched to a vegan diet I remember thinking in the beginning "but what about ice cream, am I ...
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Sweet & Savory Vegetable Soup – Vegan/Instant Pot/Stovetop/Easy

I am a total lover of all-things tomato-based when it comes to food. It’s a tough one to let go ...
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6 influential documentaries that have changed my life

If you don’t currently watch documentaries, you are surely missing out on some serious growth in conscious awareness. I mean ...
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Our little Christmas 2017 ~ how we do holidays more mindfully than before

We tend to be divergent when it comes to holidays. We aren't exactly fanatics for holidays in general, so we ...
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May your child be the one who saves you from yourself.

Yesterday was a challenging day. Upon reflection it always becomes pretty obvious why. I can track it back to starting ...
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Our low-cost, eco-friendly & non-toxic mattress solution

As I came to self-study health on a deeper level, opening my eyes up to the heavy toxicity levels we ...
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Why you need to start listening to audiobooks!

If you have never heard of audiobooks before, audiobooks are generally voice recordings of the text of a book that you listen ...
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When you feel things so deeply: it’s okay to protect your energy.

The definition for an empath usually goes something like so: "An Empath is a person that is extremely sensitive to ...
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What I wish I’d known before applying to college.

Let me start by saying that this is not being written with the approach to scare anyone out of going ...
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The Female Potential.

So I was on facebook scrolling through my feed the one day and came across this Andie Case video that ...
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My top 5 book recommendations for conscious parenting!

This is where I recommend self-help books. ★ Now now, don't leave me yet. It seems whenever I recommend a book ...
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It starts with us.

*Just a forewarning that this post is a lot longer than usual, it was necessary for my own expression as ...
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– Start Here – my mission for my writing.

This is a blog, written by me - Alysha. I'm on my soul's path of healing and growth - mind, ...
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