I’m sure you’ve guessed already, but my name is Alysha Lewis. 😉 I am a natural born Canadian and now reside in central Florida with my American husband Johnny, our two little ones, Maxsen (3.5) and Clary (1.5) and our 7 year old rescue pup Sadie. In June of 2017 we purchased 16-acres of land with 3 acres of blueberry bushes. We are an ethically vegan family trying to cause minimal harm in as many areas of life as we can, striving for progress not perfection. We operate a holistic-style plant-based motorcycle training facility on our property. We compassionately respect our earth and try our best to make strides to reduce consumption and waste of things that affect the well-being of everyone and everything.

My husband, Johnny Lewis, is a professional motorcycle racer and a riding coach for our motorcycle training school – 10 Training. I have been a graphic designer for about the past 10 years, a certified Group Fitness Instructor and a certifying Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) – but ultimately, and more importantly, I am a mother and a self-learner. Health struggles prior to conceiving my son, with no true help from any of my medical professionals at the time, lead me to immerse myself in research on my own and seek-out help outside of the medical industry. It was there that I realized how unenlightened I had been living my life in so many areas. My ill-health and desperate state became my motivation for change. I just wanted to live. I started to become consciously aware of things I had never even thought of as a reality before and I felt like a flame ignited inside me. I realized how substantial life really is. My world expanded and I started to question everything I thought I knew. I came to realize that true fiery education and knowledge is not necessarily obtained through the education system, but something you come into as you are passionately curious and seeking information. I experienced first-hand that when you are driven with a deep-rooted reason to learn something, you retain it much more efficiently.

Conscious awareness is something that I had no idea I was even living without and yet now that I’ve tasted it, I need more. It’s exciting to realize you have so much more in your power than you are led to believe as you’re growing up. My true “awakening”, or whatever you may like to call it, truly began just 5 years ago I would say, except my time before that feels like a whole different lifetime now.

The research I have absorbed myself in over the years has been so transformational for me that I feel driven to use my words to encourage thought and change in others through this blog. So, my purpose here is really to trigger thought. To challenge the status quo as I post new realizations that I come to that perhaps conflict with what someone’s perceived reality may be at that time. I ask that you keep an open mind, as I have done in the past 5 years and continue to. I do not have all the answers clearly – nor am I perfect in any way – but I do hope to be a beakon of hope for others who are going through similar things that I have and are just looking for some light and encouragement!

I don’t share my thoughts to judge others who don’t think like me, but to show the ones that do think like me that they are not alone.

I am here to share my transformative path through life, health & motherhood. My struggles, my realizations, my vulnerability, my essence.

I am here to make you think. To be authentic as I share with you. Please leave space open for me to learn and transform as I gain new awareness, and teach me in return as you do the same.
We’re in this together.





I am 29 years old and was born and raised near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. My younger years of “work” include 5 years working as a Cashier, Customer Service Attendant, Deli Clerk (interesting since I’m now vegan), and Product Demonstrator all within the same grocery store (what can I say, I’ve never been a fan of uniformity). I spent a 3-month paid internship working full-time at the Canadian Red Cross as a Special Events Coordinator and First Aid Services Assistant (which handled all First Aid and CPR courses). I decided to become a Babysitting Instructor when I was there and ran many Babysitting certifications for pre-teens in the Niagara Region. A job that was fun and different since my audience was kids and the approach had to be re-thought for each class depending on the group! I actually really loved my time working at Red Cross. 

Upon graduating high school I was accepted to multiple art schools ultimately choosing to stay close to home and earn my diploma as an artist/graphic designer. I then went on to begin my diploma as a Web Designer as well, quickly realizing that it was not authentic to who I was and I had no real passion for it outside of “for fun” so I chose to discontinue it after the first term. I also missed the female presence in the room considering that I think there had been only 4 other females in the entire class of about 100. 😉 Wasn’t really feeling the vibe. (click here to read my post about why I wish I hadn’t went to college)

Shortly after leaving college, I was hired as the lead designer at a print studio for 2 years. I enjoyed it but it was there I realized that I didn’t love how I felt trapped, making a $13/hour wage when the business was able to charge $60/hour for the work I was doing. I loved where I worked, but that part just simply – sucked. In January of 2011 I left that job and moved out of the country and decided to just freelance after that – and ultimately choosing to take time off designing after my son was born a few years later. I have done freelance work for many companies, including many within the motorcycle industry, as well as numerous racers over the years. Starting around the age of about 19 I began freelancing on the side. I have lost and found my passion in design over and over throughout the years and am not sure where my heart will be with it in the future so for now I have few select clients to keep me moving and I handle all of our personal needs for our business and John’s racing, but hope in the future I can find a way to provide for others in a way that also feeds my soul.

Outside of design, I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor and a certifying Restorative Exercise Specialist. I really just love to learn. I have many ideas for future certifications in the field of movement because I think the human body is just narrowly understood in so many areas and I hope to continue exploring movement and our natural physiology to apply it to our training school. You can expect more on that from me in the future.


Areas I find passion in..

General areas I’ve felt compelled to study and explore outside of the traditional schooling system include, (but obviously are not limited to):

  • “Nutrition & health”
  • Parenting (gentle, conscious, Buddhist, mindful, childbirth, breastfeeding, cosleeping, vaccinations, unschooling, wild schooling, etc.)
  • Natural Movement & Physiology
  • Energy Healing & Neuroplasticity
  • Veganism & Activism (for all – animals, people & the planet)
  • Art & Creativity (including how it affects the mind)

I really and truly believe that perspective is an incredible tool to finding peace and empathy in all situations. It’s very hard to consider multiples perspectives when you’ve never allowed yourself the chance to. Back in 2012 was when I read my first book on the how you can control your thoughts. I didn’t truly understand and apply it until a couple years later but it truly planted a seed. Reading and researching has become my ultimate passion and I can not believe that I rarely did it prior to becoming pregnant with my son. It has become such an important part of my life and my growth and has allowed me to help so many other people already who are suffering in areas where they just need encouragement.

If you feel compelled, I encourage you to read my health journey as well as my post on the main menu titled “read first“, so that you can get a better grasp at who I really am internally and what has truly led me here. 


MORE ABOUT JOHNNY, and our path together

In 2011, less than a year after my husband and I started dating, I moved to Pennsylvania to live with him and less than 2 weeks later we married. We lived together in PA for almost 4 years. He grew up there but it just never felt like my true home, and he was also longing for something his “home” wasn’t providing him with so in 2014 we up and decided to sell our 1600 sq. ft house and purchase a 33ft travel trailer to live on the road full-time for the next 2 years. Traveling wasn’t really anything new to either of us per say, on the list of things my husband does is he is a professional motorcycle racer in the American Flat Track series. He was also a Factory KTM Supermoto racer prior to his return to Flat Track – Supermoto just being another form of motorcycle racing. The racing lifestyle has led us many places, across the entire US and multiple Canadian provinces. We have traveled to Belgium and Italy and he has been to England as well, all for things motorcycle/racing related. It’s been a really amazing part of our lives but also a part that didn’t leave much time for our home and we found ourselves feeling like it was so ridiculous to continue paying for a mortgage and trying to travel and afford it all when we could just try it out full-time! This was sort of the beginning of the full-time RVers/van-life excitement that has grown today so we didn’t really have access to the insane amount of resources we can find today (amazing how things can grow like wild-fire in society), but more importantly – we didn’t have a whole lot of support in general.

Thankfully we didn’t let our fear crush us and we packed everything up and aimlessly moved to Florida, staying at multiple moto tracks and just trying to find our place. We stayed in Florida in the winter and traveled the whole summer. (post to come on that) and traveling full-time like that with a toddler truly was a huge platform for growth for us in so many ways.

The beginning of 2015, just a month after going south, we started 10 Training. Johnny is a fantastic natural talent on a motorcycle and has had his own transformative path through his career as a professional racer. His ability to transcribe those lessons and skills to others through teaching has been inspirational and after leaving another training school as a riding coach where he just could not find the space to grow how he had always aspired to, he began booking school dates across the country and 10 Training grew much faster than we expected! He had literally talked about starting a training school for riders and racers since the beginning of our relationship, with so many unique ideas for how he wanted to bring it to life. He actually had old notebooks from before we were together just filled with concepts and ideas (part of why I love him so damn much). We just wrapped up our 3rd year of business and although the dynamic has shifted slightly each season as we were changing locations, we now have our own official holistic-style motorcycle training facility, which has been a dream of Johnny’s. Thankfully my skills paired with his, as well as our awareness, allows us to collaborate and operate the type of facility we both dream of now.


How our life was overturned just over a year ago.. leaving us feeling like so much progress was lost.

We lived in our RV for 2 years, until September 2016, when I realized I was having sinus and breathing issues as well as anxiety and it wasn’t going away. I had many health issues a couple years before but I hadn’t been symptomatic for a really long time. I knew we had a leak recently in the camper during a heavy rain, although it wasn’t the first one, but we started to suspect something more and found out we had mold within the walls and floor and underbelly of the camper. It was brand new when we purchased in, not even 2 years old. Long-story short I became extremely sick and dove into research. As soon as I realized what was happening I noticed Maxsen started showing signs of breathing issues and we moved out immediately that night into a hotel. We tried sleeping in our bunkhouse we had for guests – which is a 40ft converted shipping container house/shop combo – but Clary couldn’t breathe and I felt worse. I remember I didn’t sleep, I just held her the entire night upright so she could sleep and I just cried (turns out the mold triggered a new condition in me and I developed MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and I could no longer tolerate the unfinished wood in the container and apparently neither could Clary – I also could no longer tolerate mostly anything with a scent or smoke which means I got incredibly sick just being in public). We were essentially homeless for a week and a half – I felt extremely trapped because I was so sick and became allergic to nearly everything overnight. I also developed multiple other health problems on top of the MCS and the hotels were hardly bearable for me. I couldn’t tolerate even the tiniest bit of mold, and we didn’t know what to do next. We looked for an apartment and found one for a reasonable price that was going to be available 5 days later that looked really nice (trying to avoid mold in an apartment, not as easy as you’d think) but the problem was they couldn’t show us the actual unit. So we set up a deal where if I couldn’t tolerate it and there was any issue we’d get our money back which was fine, but that basically left us for 5 more days having no idea if that apartment would even work out. I felt so sick to my stomach about everything. Thankfully the apartment was tolerable and we lived there for 3 months, deciding within that time that we would just have to use our savings and build a non-toxic shipping container house. We moved out and into the shipping container on the grounds of a race track we were previously living at in the RV. That worked out fine and I felt safe finally. We found our property 5 months later and had the company who sold us our container pick it up and haul it south to our new property (pretty cool bonus to living in a shipping container, your house can be moved!) and we still currently live in the shipping container house a year later while we finish our 1-bedroom building. 


What’s next for us..

This past year was undoubtedly our most challenging as a couple. There were so many tears, and so many arguments. But also so much communication and growth. We used all of our money to build our non-toxic container house and it’s felt like an uphill battle to make all of our dreams come true while I struggled to regain my health again. Ill-health and chronic pain is not something I wish on anyone but then at the same time I believe it was part of my journey to waking up. I went through years of my life pretty severely depressed and in chronic pain and it wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I realized that all I wanted was to live and make positive change in my life!

So after our most recent hiccup, it finally feels like we are getting back to our vision and things are coming together, to where we can enjoy our life again and not have the financial strain and health issues weighing on us as heavily. We are excited to not have to be building and fixing a home every day and just live a bit of normalcy again – with a normal bathroom and normal-sized kitchen and space and a home that isn’t toxic to us – focusing our time on the things we love most.. like creating! I loved tiny living in the RV, and we will surely do more of this on a part-time basis in the future, but for now it’s really just exciting to be going up in square footage on our own property, feeling permanence. This year we plan to continue to grow our property and business, as well as branching out in other areas to touch and impact the lives of as many as we can in a positive way. We hope to travel more this summer, racing part-time, and really just work on reconnecting as a family after a pretty rough past year emotionally through one big rollercoaster. We are excited to just focus on being the humans we want to be. 🙂

Watch for more content from both of us. Johnny has a deep passion for video that he’s put down for a few years for the most part and we will surely be moving into the YouTube world in the future here.  


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