I’ve been on a journey with my health my entire life. Beginning with asthma to digestive issues, vaccine injury, mold toxicity & immune suppression – to over 50 other symptoms in between – to say it has been a struggle is an understatement. 

I get asked often by people wanting to make more healthful choices: “where do I even start?”. That question is a gentle reminder to myself that this journey to living more consciously and healthfully actually can be so intimidating when we embark on it. The “right” answers seem to constantly be changing. People feel so confused and helpless at times. I have been there, and I still feel overwhelmed at times with the bounty of conflicting research on what seems like every subject. However, despite all of that, there has been a few key things that I have always fallen back on. Things I have found to be indisputable in how they can improve your health and mind, and they have been quite powerful at pulling me out of my deepest times – every time. 

Here are my personal top 5 things that you can do TODAY to begin improving your health

1. Eat more PLANTS 

I’ve come to realize that it is extremely hard to feel “alive” if you keep putting death into your body. Limit the animal products as much as you can and increase your fruits and vegetables – I would be surprised if you didn’t feel dramatic changes right away. Crowd out the animal products and the processed GMO foods. This was undoubtedly the most powerful action I did for my healing 4.5 years ago. I was at rock bottom and I knew I needed to either give up or get up. I changed my diet to a 98% raw vegan diet and woah, talk about some serious change. The produce wasn’t organic at the time, it was just raw fruits and veggies and mustard here and there for dressings. Within 2 months I had essentially no symptoms. Symptoms I’d had for years that caused chronic pain and serious depression were gone, within only a couple months. It changed my entire existence, it saved my life. My mental clarity improved, my depression gone, and I even got pregnant after 2.5 years of trying! (no I absolutely do not believe that was a coincidence). I don’t believe diet is everything, there is a lot more to overall health, but it worked wonders for me in the beginning and was the most radical shift I experienced. It made me finally want to wake up in the morning, it gave me back hope. Eating clean (fruits and vegetables) is extremely powerful to be able to reduce the toxic load on your body to give your immune system the chance to function more optimally. Eliminating all of the slow-digesting acidic animal proteins, as well as the processed additives in food was a serious break for my body. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself! There is nothing more powerful to input serious change in your life than to know and feel why you are doing it. My best supporting evidence has been my personal experience and that’s ultimately what drives me to continue at the end of the day.


And I don’t mean getting to the gym. I mean around your house, while you do errands, whatever it is you do – move more throughout your day! Move furniture out of the way if you need space (nobody cares if your house is perfectly staged, release those expectations and slide that stuff to the outer walls). Choose the floor over the couch to sit on! Try it and experience how it encourages you to want to switch positions a lot (movement) and encourages you to stretch out! Doing dishes? Don’t just stand there on 2 stumps, leaning your pelvis against the countertop. Move your hips back away and actively hold your upper body up. Practice standing on one leg. Or, put a foot behind you with your top of your toes on the ground and stretch out the tops of your feet and shins. Experiment. Talking on the phone? Go for a walk while you do it! Even if it’s around the house. Home with the kids? Get down on the floor and play with them! Copy their movements for a half hour (good luck lol) Driving around a lot doing errands? Park in the furthest spot from the door and walk! Hang from objects, stretch randomly…do whatever you feel compelled to do – just move. Moving your extremities brings more oxygen to all areas of the body and also helps blood flow more easily to the brain! We have these incredible bodies that are capable of incredible things, but we have trained ourselves to choose the path of least resistance – we essentially live in captivity. Explore your own body. Try to see how many ways you can move your leg, then try your arm. Don’t overthink it, just let it flow! This body is yours – use it! 🙂

3. Laugh, laugh, laugh!

Why are you so serious? Do you watch the news everyday? (Stop.) Do you watch shows that make you ride on a serious emotional rollercoaster on a consistent basis? (Stopppp) If you are struggling with your own heart or mind or health already you do not need to add the baggage of everyone else on top of your own all of the time. Everything you do and watch is input. You naturally absorb the energies of that which you surround yourself with. Aggression/fear/hate/sadness/anxiety – BUT also – happiness/excitement/inspiration/love. What is it you would prefer to be feeling? Choose comedy. Choose people you love to be around. Choose to be silly even when someone’s watching and watch how much joy you can bring them by being authentically yourself. Hang out with a toddler for a while and actually give them your undivided attention, that one never fails me – little kids could change the world if we allowed them to teach us in the way they are capable of. Laugh with them! Point being, eliminate all that stuff that holds negative emotions and outweigh it with LIGHT and laughter.

4. Read a self-improvement book/listen to a podcast

This is a big one for me. Back when I first changed my diet I had no idea how important your state of mind is to your health. We hear how stress kills, but I honestly had never explored how that actually happens. Your inability to be able to effectively manage your emotions carries on into all of your bodily functions. We are made of energy and we need to consider that thoughts are energy. Stress is energy. Expanding your consciousness, finding new ways of dealing with your emotions, understanding thought patterns and working through them – this all brings you so much peace. If you are not working on your internal thoughts and behaviors then your health will never be optimal because your health depends on the state of your mind to be rich and powerful. We are capable of more than we have ever understood and we need to soak up these new perspectives – be willing to adjust our current beliefs as we come to new realizations. I feel extremely energized and excited when I am absorbed in an amazing audiobook (read why I choose audiobooks here) or when I’m listening to podcasts (my current favorite channel is Lewis Howes’! It is powerful). But listening to these brings a whole new reality to light for me. It helps me explore new thought patterns and the mental calmness that comes from the confidence I obtain has put me in such a positive state of mind that is no doubt assisting all of the functions of my energetic system.

5. Start a conversation that matters – CONNECT.

There is a super interesting Ted Talk that was done by a psychologist named Susan Pinker called “The Secret to Living Longer May Be Your Social Life“. In overview, Susan conducted a study in the Italian island of Sardinia which is said to have more than six times as many centenarians (a person who lives to, or beyond the age of 100) as the mainland and ten times as many as North America. Her conclusion was that the most important factors for longevity were in fact social factors – our close relationships and our social interactions with others. I went through a time where I had plenty of people I talked to but yet nobody I “talked” to at the same time. There’s a vast difference between having a conversation that is full of gossip and judgment and void of positivity where you leave the conversation wishing you hadn’t said a few things – creating even more stress, shame and anxious feelings – compared to a conversation loaded with growth, support and excitement. I now have 2 extremely important and valuable friendships within my life that truly exceed the others because of their encouragement and depth and those deep real interactions have been so extremely powerful in shaping my mind where I feel more fulfilled, more supported and understood – and simply more loved. I can 100% understand how Susan came to this conclusion and how it entirely is possible that true face-to-face social interactions are in fact extremely crucial and yet something we are all lacking in today’s world – and even more-so as social media continues and we lose face-to-face communication as we also spend more and more time with our faces in the screens when we are amongst other people where we aren’t really present while with them. Go to the store and start up a conversation with someone you meet. Call up a friend and ask if they want to do lunch. Engage, in real life. In a real way. Talk about what you love, not what you hate. Help keep the conversation productive and inspirational, don’t allow yourself to talk about other people unless you are offering a solution to a problem or trying to encourage a way to help them grow. Be mindful with your words. Just radiate love and joy. 

So there you have it. I of course could carry on forever but I think it’s important to work on growth in stages. Be gentle on yourself. I surely have not gotten to where I am overnight, and the chronic stress of trying to be perfect overnight did me no favors. It has been a 4.5 year process of real change and soul-searching. I didn’t have a road-map, but the ease of obtaining information these days just gets easier and and easier and I’ve come to realize that any progress is still progress – no matter at what speed it goes. Find what fuels you, what makes you want to be healthier, what drives you to force change – and roll with it. 

I hope you found even a part of this helpful for you in your journey. May you find support in this knowing you are not alone, and may this help you in some way to move closer to living your best life. 

Don’t be afraid to pass this along if there’s someone in your life you feel could benefit from this.

We’re all in this together. 

Cheers to a happier and healthier you 🙂



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Mother of 2 / plant-based vegan family / healing physically and emotionally + always working to raise my consciousness. Married a professional motorcycle racer and run a holistic-style motorcycle training school while we live on our 16 acres in Florida and travel throughout the year. I write, I design, I research, I create. I never stop learning. Striving for progress not perfection.

My words are in no way coming from a place where I am judging others who think differently than me, my words are to assure those that do think like me that they are not alone.


Mother of 2 / plant-based vegan family / healing physically and emotionally + always working to raise my consciousness. Married a professional motorcycle racer and run a holistic-style motorcycle training school while we live on our 16 acres in Florida and travel throughout the year. I write, I design, I research, I create. I never stop learning. Striving for progress not perfection.

My words are in no way coming from a place where I am judging others who think differently than me, my words are to assure those that do think like me that they are not alone.

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